Sunday, March 12, 2006

So Why was "Control Freak" in Four Post Titles?

I realized after I got my four long posts out that I never got around to laying out the link between being stressed and being a control freak. So here it is: The more stressed I get, the more I feel the need to control my life and environment. Of course I am stressed to begin with because they are so out of control, but even if they weren't, I would see them that way.

Dave would never admit it, but I think he is a bit like this too. Right now he is behind me in the kitchen reorganizing all the cabinets. When I finish this we are going to clean off the front porch, the back deck, and the parking pad. We are going to mow the back lawn, rake the front lawn and contemplate the weeds (I don't think we will actually get around ot doing anything about them today). We might even go to Home Depot and buy some plants to put in the pots on the front porch. Yesterday he tried to do grill maintenance and was unable to get parts it was so old. It was also so rusted in parts from being stranded in the southern humidity that he finally gave up and, just in time for the 70 degree evenings, we bought a new grill.

Thanks to Ren and Jodi I did the word cloud thing. I had to take out all the blogthis and blog and blogger references, but otherwise it is pretty good. I was surprised "Jessie" did not show up and glad "pond" did.

Watched the Battlestar Gallactica season finale last night. What was THAT all about? In the process of making sure I had an actor's name right while posting a comment on Jodi's blog I stumbled upon this little gem: Cruise with Richard Hatch of Battlestar Gallactica! How weird would that be? We met him at DragonCon a couple of years ago and talked to him for quite awhile (it was before the new Battlestar was out). He was nice and it was interesting... but for a short conversation. For a whole cruise? And what about for him. How weird to be cooped up on a ship with a bunch of fans like that. My skin is jumping just thinking about it. I guess I like my privacy too much.


Jodi said...

Ren and I have a mutual friend who would probably go on that cruise! It's fun to see him on the new series, after he was so against it for so long.

Do you go to Dragon*con every year? A friend of mine runs their film festival.

Brenda Griffith said...

We have not been able to make it for the past couple of years (and won't again this year) as I have an art fair that same weekend. I am bummed because Jessie really liked it (she loves to dress up as a fairy--which she does for all Ren Faires and Cons). We wanted to come out for World Con this year, but Dave can't take any vacation from August-November this year (he's working on's election software rewrite). I was tempted to go without him, but four hours on a plane with a four year-old alone is too daunting to contemplate.

Bill Paley said...

I suspect that he needs the money that badly...