Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuffy Love

Got the permanent cage for Jasmine Bunny yesterday, and picked up a little play yard for her while I was at it. Jessie thought Tuffy Hamster would also enjoy playing with Jasmine in the play yard so she brought him out too. I was afraid he would be slipping through the bars and scampering off into the long weeds every other second (to Mexico and freedom!), but my fears were unfounded. Tuffy fell passionately, madly, instantly in love with Jasmine and did not want to leave her side. Jasmine's reaction was a decided "Meh", but she tolerated his small crush. Between the Flip video camera and the iMac, it was easy to whip out a video of their tryst. According to our friends Keith and Mike whom I subjected to the video last night, maybe a little too easy (oh my, look at the time! Got to run!).

After Note: Moved the video to YouTube as they have better quality than MobileMe and don't require downloading anything to watch the video (Becky got prompted to download some Mac something or other yesterday from MobileMe and so missed seeing Tuffy's antics).

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jasmine Bunny

An unexpected amount of my time today has been spent trying to find the perfect rabbit hutch. There are numerous plans on the web for hutches to build--all with their scathing detractors--and expensive pre-built bunny mansions which are nonetheless not for the immediate-gratification-inclined--taking anywhere from a week to 10 days to arrive. I have not yet arrived at the optimal solution, but I will say I am not inclined to spend $350 to get there...

Another thing about bunnies, they are the *perfect* kudzu-eating machines. We ran out of lettuce5r8g[[[[[[[g[[[[[[[[[oooi] (Jasmine had to add a bit to my typing and paraded over my keyboard--Dave's big worry was that she would pee and ruin a $2,000 laptop...). So anyway, we ran out of lettuce earlier today (she may be a bunny, but she eats like a horse--reminds me of Keith's turtle who only wanted to eat strawberries) so when we got home tonight and had to feed her, I went down into the backyard and stripped off a bunch of kudzu vines. Then J and I stripped all the leaves off the vines and filled the cage with them (spritzed with water as she still doesn't drink out of a water bottle). See how she likes them? Then it was cuddle time with various members of the family. I think she makes a great hat for Dave.