Monday, March 01, 2010

Tuffy's Big Adventure

I have taken the blog from the cat. After the past two days, I am invincible! I am very tired, still thirsty, and my mouth is packed full of seeds, but I need a place to tell my tale and, well, the cat is snoring on the couch (as usual) so I just took over the blog. Here we go.

Friday afternoon the little girl had a playdate with a friend. She was showing me off (as she likes to do) and when she was finished, she and her friend went away to play somewhere else. I was glad because it was the middle of the day and, you know, hamster, nocturnal and all. I had sleep to do and didn't really want to be bothered. But later, later when I woke for the evening, I noticed that she had left the door to my cage open... Oh. My. To Mexico and freedom!

Just to be clear, I don't actually know where Mexico is. My family was originally from Syria, but I've been in this country for generations (lots and lots and LOTS of generations). But I've heard it's beautiful and warm with lots of senoritas and pina coladas. The closest I've come to a senorita here is the bunny, Jasmine, and she scorns me. (*sigh*). So I headed to Mexico via a long drop to the floor, and headed out the kid's bedroom door. But then I got a bit lost.

Somehow I ended up in the big people's bathroom off their bedroom. The last time I escaped I ended up there too, and I was so tired I just fell asleep in a corner. This time I managed to stay awake long enough to poop a lot in the corner and then skeedaddle for parts yonder. I think I really confused the big female human with all the poop because the little girl told me the big female human searched all three closets off the bedroom and bathroom several times looking for me. Heh. The little girl was also made to empty out her closets and look for me, and the big female human searched the entire upstairs--closets and all--again the next day. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I made good my escape on Friday and, apparently, the little girl didn't notice I was gone until Saturday afternoon. When my absence was noted by the little girl, she had several minutes of indecision and consternation, but eventually she went to the big female human in tears and said she was afraid the big female human was going to be mad at her, but she had to tell her she had left the cage door open and I was missing. The big female human sighed and trudged upstairs with the little girl to look for me, but it was in vain. They searched and searched the upstairs, but what they did not know was that I had, in the dead of night on Friday, braved the STAIRS. and not just the stairs, but TWO flights of stairs, the CAT and TWO dogs to get all the way downstairs to the basement--though I really shouldn't count the big dog because she couldn't care less about tracking down her own meals and just ignored me. In fact, the cat is pretty lazy too. I think he saw me come down the first flight of stairs and head for the basement stairs and he just kept dozing on the couch. Guess he's more into bacon than hamster (lucky for me).

So while the humans were all searching upstairs (even the big male human looked for me a bit on Saturday) I was down in the basement. I don't know how I got all turned around and thought Mexico was down there, but once I got down all those stairs (and wasn't THAT exciting!), I couldn't get back up. Heck, had it not been for the little girl having a playdate today, I might have DIED down there! She told me that when she and her friend came down the stairs, she was concentrating on something else, but then she saw a streak of brown move out of the corner of her eye (it was me, I was still looking for Mexico). She and her friend chased me round and round the room (and under the treadmill several times) before she caught me. I really wanted to go to Mexico, but then after all that running and two days with no food or water (the little girl told me they had been putting my sleeping box and food out for me in different parts of the upstairs each night since I escapayed), I decided it would be good to let the little girl catch me, cuddle me, feed me, and tuck me back in my bed.

So now I'm back in my home, the big female human came and petted me and made a fuss over me too, and I am none the worse for wear for my adventure. Maybe next time I'll get all the way to Mexico.