Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Drive with Jessie

After I picked Jessie up from school yesterday we went to the grocery store. They must feed the kids lots and lots of sugar for their afternoon snack as, boy was she wired! As we were driving (keep in mind this is only a few blocks) she saw a young woman with a dog. This sparked two threads. The first was on having a dog:

J: Mommy, can we have three dogs?
Me: No honey, Daddy doesn't want three dogs.
J: Can we have two dogs?
Me: We have two dogs.
J: No, two little dogs.
Me: no, honey.
J: Please can I have a little dog? I promise I'll take care of it? Please, please, please?

Isn't four too young for this kind of concerted begging? I thought I had until at least, uh, seven for this to kick in.

And then we got into 'how old is old?'.

Me: Is 20 old?
J: No.
Me: 40?
J: No.
Me: 60?
J: 58 is old.
Me: Is 60 old?
J: No, yes, no.
Me: What is old?
J: 70?
Me: Is 70 old?
J: Daffodils are old.
Me: Really?
J: Yes.

Where do you go from a wind shear like that?


J: Mommy, who's this? "I want me gold!"
Me: A pirate?
J: No.
Me: (remembering it was St. Patrick's day) A leprechaun?
J: No, (carefully enunciated for my benefit) a leper-corn.

And as we pulled into the grocery store parking lot (referencing the two pecans she picked up on the playground at school and brought into the car--yes we are in Georgia, they grow here and are *everywhere*) :

J: Did you take care of my coconuts?
Me: You mean your pecans?
J: All the things I have at school are 'coupons' that I found.


And finally, getting ready to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie:

J: I love Buffy. She kills all the vampires.
I warn: This is a different Buffy. (She has seen the entire series more than once but this is the first time for the movie.)
J: Is she going to save the day?

Yup. Plot synopsis in a nutshell. The most disturbing part of watching the movie with her was her fascination with cheerleading--the uniforms and the pom-poms. I will have to be vigilant. A good nerd friend (really, really, really nerd--but not at all dork) from high school's daughter (yes, I am that old) became a cheerleader. I can still remember his "Where did I go wrong?"


Bill Paley said...

You are in the South. You are in the city that showed the world cheerleaders at the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games. Beware, your child may too become corrupted...

ren said...

so that is 2 dogs, 2 ferrets and a cat? whew. and let me just say...i was a band geek in school and if i had to do it all over again, i would be a cheerleader. they aren't all pink and fluffy. ours were big and tuff. don't be too scared.