Thursday, March 09, 2006

From Control Freak to Car Theft, pt. 4

And now the end of Tuesday, a truly surreal day. Dave and I are snuggling in for the night under the down comforter and squabbling about down theft. (Yes, even in Georgia we sleep under a down comforter. What can I say? Blood thins when you live in the south.) It is not true, whatever you may have heard, that I steal all the down. The comforter migrates in its cover on its own to my side of the bed. So I asked Dave where he got the little clips for our previous comforter that go in the inside corners of the comforter cover to hold the comforter in place. Following is the actual conversation (which was probably funnier at the time than it will be now, but I compelled to chronicle):

D: "Linens and Things. I think Linens and Things doesn't exist yet."
B: "You mean anymore. It doesn't exist anymore."
D: "No, I think that is a perfectly acceptable use of the word 'yet'."
B: "No, 'doesn't yet exist' is correct, 'doesn't exist yet' means something else."
D: "That's it! Give me linguistic grief! Give me linguistic grief from behind!
Harder! faster! More pedantic!"

I squeezed his butt and told him I would give him linguistic grief... And then the censors arrived, the rating changed, and the rest of the exchange was covered with little black rectangles and blurred.


Jodi said...

A truly engaging tale! Wow, I now know I'm not the only one with a neglected lawn (front and back) and stinky dogs as well.

ren said...

even in los angeles i sleep under a down comforter...with an extra blanket...and flannel jammies...and the down migrates on mine to so i just take the whole thing. he's a man, he can go hunt his own blanket.

Bill Paley said...

...we sleep with two comforters, and it's the beagle's fault when it all slides away...

Oh, and Linens and Things still exists; I suspect that they don't want to move into bad neighborhoods, like Atlanta...