Friday, March 30, 2007


Thanks to Ren, THE GENIUS, I now have an iLike account and can easily link the song of the morning to my Glass Incarnate postings. It also shows everything I have been listening to recently and since it's the melancholy playlist from Ren, my taste looks a lot more hi-brow than it normally does. At last a technology that makes music as easy to show and share as pictures are. When was the last time you had to download a "player" to view a picture someone sent you? Never! I am tired of being prompted to download yet another widget to share music snippets. It's not like I'm trying to pirate anything--I just want to share a small piece and pique the interest. I will be pursuing iLike more... let's try an add to the template...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Will I ever post about the cruise? I should have done it right away. Now the memories fade into a warm fuzz of walking, sleeping, snuggling, good food, sunshine, trashy books and umbrella drinks. The best part was not getting off the ship (but once) while everyone else got off. Peace and quiet with a slight rocking motion. I will do the Chaccoben ruin photos at the least.

But today I show off springtime in the south. I waited so long that it is starting to fade to summer (can you imagine? in March!). First up, the weeping cherry in the backyard next to the pauciflora (the yellow bush) followed by the shooting bamboo. I waxed eloquent the other week about the beauty of the magnolias, cherries, redbuds, etc. The weekend's addition to the bouquet was the wisteria which has burst into bloom dripping from every old stand of pines and pecans. No photos of it as I STILL don't have one and didn't have a camera when we were on the road to the nursery on Saturday. You'll just have to take my word for it--it's stunning.

Ever since we moved to Atlanta there have been many things higher in the queue than potting annuals and setting up little family areas in the yard. The yard work--when it happened--was done in broad brush stroke: plant bamboo, lay turf, plant trees, put up the little house and paint it. It was a huge empty space that had to be lightly and evenly filled.

Now I'm at a point where I can focus on improving small areas. the "nesting" process one does to make a house or yard a home. One of those areas is the children's play area in the front. J had a friend over last week and they had hot dogs for dinner at the picnic table and played in the front yard. Last evening while I was finishing up putting the tropical plants around the pond, J rocked in her glider.

Last weekend I not only bought a bunch of flats of annuals, pots and potting soil, I also planted them all and set up the pots on the front steps. I had a lot of help from J who wore her rain boots to keep out the dirt and a Braves cap to keep off the sun. A new southern Belle. She lined up the pots to fill with soil and she watered everything as it got planted. Now it's her job to water all the pots daily. She gets to use the hose and doesn't have to rely on a small watering can--though that would keep her occupied for an hour or so everyday after school...

Previously on the steps was Halloween pumpkin that never got carved and sat all winter till it rotted away. Dave finally scraped it up and threw it out, but there were a few seeds left. Jessie put them in one of the pots of annuals (white petunias) and now we anticipate pumpkin vines spreading across the front yard.

Yesterday I took the day off and moved the little round pond from the back deck to the screened in front porch. There is a still a fountain on the back deck to provide water for the dogs and the squirrels, but I am tired of having to clean the leaves out of the little pond and unclog the filter. The goldfish in the pond are also likely to be happier now that there are no predators who will try to fish for them at night. A few ferns, palms and other tropicals from Home Depot added the finishing touches. Someday we might get real outdoor furniture, but for now the rocker we don't have room for in the house fits just fine.

I close with the view down our street this morning. You can see the understory of redbuds, cherries, dogwoods and other flowering trees peeking through the pecans and pines. This weekend (maybe even this week) I begin the design and planning process for the real pond that will go in the backyard. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this time putting in a pond doesn't mean we will move in the next year. I want to stay to enjoy this yard for awhile.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

That Was Then, This Is Now

I just read Ren's post on her morning routine and all I can say is Holy Sh*t! How does she get all that done in an hour?!? Eye shadow AND eyeliner? Wow. If it's a good day, I brush the teeth and hair. If not, I just pull the hair up in an elastic and go. The shirt will have stains on it: Dave does the laundry and he and the Spray 'N Wash don't see eye to eye. I would rather have stains than do the laundry.

I have not always been like this. I remember the pre-work routine taking up to an hour 15 and containing make-up, curling irons, showers and moisturizer. Living in the dry north it used to take me 15 minutes every morning just to coat my body with moisturizer else I'd suffer the ravages of itchy dry skin all day.

My pre-work morning now is divided into two parts: Jessie and blogging. Hygiene is for other people (as is commuting, but I won't crow about that too much as it is a sad state of affairs that so many have to go so far every day before they even begin work).

In an hour--if I really rush--I get a five year-old out of bed by tickling her and carrying her into the bathroom while blowing raspberries on her belly (or dragging her kicking, screaming and thrashing). Then I cajole (or browbeat) her through her ablutions which now include cleaning the newly pierced ears and a careful brushing of the teeth with the gaping hole. Then there is hair brushing--hers has still never been touched by scissors wielded by a hand other than her own (and that was just that once three years ago) followed by dressing. I can't sugar-coat it: Dressing is a chore every Day as the panties must be Just Right (low on the hips), with the pants over them Just So (so the tops align evenly). The pants may neither be too tight nor too loose. On a day where I maintain equilibrium and she stays on task, we both get through with neither tears nor threats. The allotted time for all of these activities is 30 minutes. Then I assist with coat and shoes (assistance mostly consists of repeated cries of "Hurry up! Daddy's ready to go!"), shove a bagel into small hand, kiss everyone good-bye, and push them out the door. Alone at last. The coffee brews, and I blog the daily glass incarnate. If I am really good, I finish by nine and go back upstairs to tie back the hair and throw on some clothes. Shower? Make-up? Pah!

Good thing I work alone, huh?