Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Little Side Note in the Day

I was just getting my Mom's Mother's Day gift on (yes, it seems like I am ahead on this one, but she off to Australia and New Zealand soon and I needed to make sure she had it for the trip) and saw these.

Given my location, the title of this blog,and my love for all things chocolate, I just had to put in a plug for them (though I wouldn't actually *eat* them).

Sugar-free chocolate dipped pork rinds... yumm.


ren said...

earlier today marked my first use of the phrase "i once at an asian fruit that made me cry"...i have not had chocolate dipped pork rinds but i suspect that they too would make me cry.

Barbara Muth said...

What a sacriledge. First to make choclate without sugar and then to dip fried pork rinds in it. The Aztecs must be turning over in their tombs!

Jodi said...


Bill Paley said...