Friday, March 03, 2006

Get Ready for the Oscars

This is my favorite group party of the year. Other people like Mardi Gras or Halloween. Me, I want the Oscars. And for the first time I have not seen *any* of the movies. I have read the short story that was the basis for Brokeback Mountain, and as a third generation Montanan on one side, I can tell you the story was all around pretty accurate.

And on the subject of that movie, I was looking at Bridget's blog this morning and what did I find but this little gem. Make sure your sound is on, ignore the narrator, watch all the way through. Makes me homesick in a big way. Okay, okay. Big talk about the Oscars driving this post, but let's be honest, it was the hunks on ice. Better than the Olympics any day.

PS--For anyone wanting to see more of the blond hunk on ice, he is the featured makeover on Queer Eye tonight at 5:00 Eastern on Bravo...


Bill Paley said...

You'll excuse me if I refrain from commentary.

Jodi said...

Crap! Thanks for reminding me to get off of my computer and get ready for the Oscars. We have a party every year and we're WAY behind in getting ready. I don't care too much about the show and have barely seen any of the movies, but it's an excuse to clean the house and have people over. I think I get less excited about this every year. Can't wait until Monday.