Thursday, March 09, 2006

From Control Freak to Car Theft, pt. 3

I need to make this quick as there is glass to do (and bills to pay *sigh*), but I cannot leave it any longer. So the car theft portion of the week. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we have new neighbors. They are very nice and went through absolute hell with the developer who rehabbed the house and sold it to them. Had it been me, there would have been much blood and probably death and dismemberment involved: I am from Montana, we know how to hide the bodies.

So things are winding down over there and Tuesday was the developer's workers' last day on the project. There were three contractor guys there with two pick-ups between them. The owner and his brother-in-law were also there and the owner has a pick-up. The tree trimmer showed up in his (you guessed it) pick-up with his crew of another three people in there massive truck pulling a chipper/shredder. So there are four pick-ups and a massive truck parked in front of the house and in the driveway. And there are nine men coming and going from the front yard to the back and in and out of the house. In the middle of all of this, someone allegedly walked down the street (4:30 in the afternoon), saw the keys were in the big white pick-up in front of the house, hopped in and drove off with it without anyone seeing a thing!

Then it took the police a half an hour to get there as they were busy with a two-alarm fire a couple of blocks away. The almost-owner of the truck, one of the three contractors, a young guy in his twenties, lost all his tools (some of which had been his grandfather's) including his compressor. The truck, it turns out, belongs to the developer who was in the process of selling it to the contractor.

The new neighbors are now completely freaked out having not lived in the city before and thinking they have moved to a hotbed of crime. I have my own theory as to what happened to the truck, and let's just say I don't think it was a random or even necessarily a true theft. My husband says I am too cynical.

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Bill Paley said...

No, you're not.

But it's pretty dim of anyone leaving keys in a vehicle...