Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Show and Tell

This week at Jessie's preschool they are doing a unit on pets and this morning the ferrets got to take to the road to meet all the kids. I am proud to report that both Saltimbocca (on the left) and Splinter (on the right) were perfect gentlemen. They let themselves be squeezed by Jessie and petted by all classmates with perfect aplomb. I have to say, if it weren't for the smell, ferrets would be the most perfect of pets--to the extent that there would be no reason to have anything else.

We are on #4 and #5 (the first three having died of old age in the past couple of years) and none of them have been biters... well, except for Squirm who was fond of ankles and would take a nice nip out of one given the opportunity. Smudge was the first ferret and he was a sable, as is Splinter. Then came Sisyphus who was a black-eyed white. Then Squrim the silver mitt joined us. Saltimbocca was a free-to-a-good-home adult ferret at the pet store. He is a silver and has been a wonderful companion to Splinter since the demise of the other three.

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Jodi said...

They are adorable!

Bill Paley said...

There was a dog who used to attend USC whose last name was "Tirebiter".