Saturday, October 03, 2009

Still No Bacon

They have begun to bring me tribute, the natives of this place. The first day two men named Todd and John brought a pink and purple mouse hanging from a purple stick on a pink string for the little girl to bat me with. They apparently thought I should chase it or something. Sniff. Then Becky brought a small white. blue, and pink mouse filled with catnip for me. Now that's what I'm talking about! I spent the day under the big humans' bed again--with the mouse--only coming out for belly rubs and to let them know the facilities were lacking.

I think my former landlady needs to have a talk with these people. I mean, I climb all the way up those stairs to get under the bed, and I'm pooped! Downstairs they have a bathroom with a glass and tile cabinet in it where they keep my litter box, food and water. They also have another cabinet just like it in the bathroom right off their bedroom, but, hey, no litter box, no water, no food, zip, zilch, nada.. I walked up to the glass door while the man was in the bathroom today and I told him--loudly, he doesn't seem to hang on my every syllable yet--that I thought there should befacilities in there too so I could avoid that annoying spaniel that hangs out on the top stair (he's not allowed upstairs--thank heaven for small mercies). The man ignored me! Can you imagine? The little girls is still my slave though, she accompanied me downstairs this evening and kept the spaniel out of my way.

Still no bacon, nothing but this dry diet stuff. But one more day of the big pitiful-eyed look, and they'll come around.


Bill said...

Have no fears. They will be unable to resist your blandishments.

Dee said...

Ernie, i'll make sure i bring some bacon when i come to visit this week as well as some other treats that look like they should be tasty. i'll talk to your big humans about putting in facilities upstairs for you, i can see where the spaniel can be quite annoying.