Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday at the Manse

Stacy was right and I don't post enough on Stranded in the South. So Stacy, this one's for you.

The weekend has been consumed with property ownership and parenthood, and it has been good. It's only Sunday morning so it's not over, and any minute now friends will be over for breakfast (their daughter has a spontaneous sleepover with Jessie last night) and they will come to get her and we (Dave, of course) will feed them.

It's a lovely, cool fall morning. Yesterday we cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the dining room in anticipation of actually *having* a dining room again once the studio has been moved. We also put up the beginnings of the Halloween decorations in the front yard. We still need (according to Jessie) a couple more tombstones under the grim reaper, and we can't put the cobwebs filled with spiders up on either side of the screen door until we buy new little finishing nails (I have managed to lose our existing box of them).

A few days before Halloween we'll turn the pumpkins on the steps into jack-o-lanterns. J wants to make a jack-o-lantern snow man out of them and I'm inclined to acquiesce, but Dave isn't sold.


Breakfast is over, sad friends are parted (Jessie and Grace were together for *18 straight hours* and only had one tiff that needed intervention), and now the rest of the family is off to run errands while I gird my loins to continue the painting. Painting and parting are such sweet sorrow!


Bill Paley said...

You mean to tell me that you sit in front of the computer witn loins ungirded???

I have to tell Dave!

Brenda Griffith said...

*snicker* Dave is fully cognizant of any given state of girdedness of my loins!

Bill Paley said...

I bet that no matter what state your loins are in, it's still Georgia.