Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Dave: "... and you have to eat all of the green beans"
Jessie: "You said I have to eat half the green beans!'
Dave: "No I didn't!"
Jessie: "Yes, you looked at my plate, and you drew a line, and you said I had to eat this half of the grean beans"
Dave: "That was yesterday! Today I said you had to eat all of the grean beans."
Jessie: "No you didn't, you said half"
Dave: "You're not going to tell me I said something I didn't. I've had top salesmen try to tell me I said something I didn't. I remember sitting across the table in St. Louis from three guys in Armani suits who were trying to do that. It didn't work for them, and it won't work from you"

[Later, after reporting the conversation to Me]

Jessie: "I know what you were telling Mommy"
Dave: "What?"
Jessie: "You were talking about those three guys in jumpsuits."

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Bill Paley said...

Not jumpsuits, dear. Goon suits.