Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes Sir That's My Honda

Yesterday I had to drive up to ULine to get packing supplies for my glass studio. Before I left I blithely ordered 40 cu ft of Styrofoam peanuts (2 bags), 2 rolls of bubble wrap, about 40 cardboard boxes the smallest size being 20 X 20 X 12 assembled, and 40 frosted plastic shopping bags for the One of a Kind Show in December (my big pieces are too big for their complimentary bags).

I took the middle seats out of the car and folded the magic seat in the back into the floor before I left home to pick up my order. I sang in the car all the way to ULine (except when I was cursing moronic drivers doing 50 in the leftmost lane).

I got to ULine, I saw my order, and I thought "Wow, those rolls of bubble wrap are HUGE." I don't know what the guy who brought everything out to the van thought because he didn't say. But his eyes said I was an idiot for thinking I could get all that in a mini-van and he was resigned to having to cart half of it back into the warehouse. Hah. More fool he. I am a Master at getting everything to fit.

These pictures chronicle the unloading of the car when I got home, the putting back in of the seats, and the final transporting of the dogs and the child which was my day yesterday.

Honda should put me in an ad. Or the J and the deerhounds--they are more photogenic.

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Bill Paley said...

...and I thought that guys were supposed to have better spacial awareness than girls...