Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Morning in the Life

A quick post and then down to the studio. The post is mostly an excuse to post this pic of Dave and the J looking at Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on Dave's MacBook. Dave wanted to find a quote to play for me as I just finally got through the Van Halen version of "You Really Got Me" on Hard in the Guitar Hero II demo disk Dave brought home last week.

We had Keith over last night and he immediately played all the songs on expert. We all commiserated with him: When it comes out next month, Keith will not get his money's worth because he will go straight to expert, skipping easy, medium, and hard modes. While I was uploading the pics I found this one of Mike, J and Keith from an evening earlier this month when we had M & K over for dinner. I think it was Thai take-out that night too (the same as last night).

Now Dave and J are off to the farmer's market to buy a couple of pumpkins and I am going to get dressed and head to the studio. It's already been a long morning. Baxter had to go out at 3:30 am. It took me till 5:00 to get back to sleep. Then J came in at 6:00 and Jester had to go out. Dave let him (and Baxter) out (again). J went back to her room and came back at 7:30. Then she let Jester and Baxter back in at 8:00 and found the mess in the livingroom. I got up and cleaned up the mess and have been up ever since. Jester won't leave the carpet except to out the door so there was a big mess (big dog = big mess) on the Persian. Why he couldn't have asked to go out BEFORE making the mess I will never know.

And now, off to work. Miles to go before I sleep. (Of course the dogs are having no problem sleeping...)

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Bill Paley said...

Dogs never have a problem sleeping. Especially on your feet.