Wednesday, October 11, 2006


No time to post, but HAD to. Got a couple of pairs of sale capris from Ralph Lauren Polo in the mail today. End of the season so they are $19.99. There should have been three pairs in the box. Instead there were two pairs... and a scrumptious heathery navy blue cashmere cable-knit shawl-wrap sweater. Just like this one only, well, heathery navy color. Oh yes, and it was a size SMALL. Even I weren't honest enough to send it back, there is no way it would ever fit no matter how much I dieted. I haven't been a size SMALL since 7th grade. Maybe not even then. Of course Christmas is coming up, I must know SOMEONE who is that tiny. Or I could sell it on eBay! It is ON SALE for $600! But no, I called RLP and made some customer service rep's day. He was still laughing when we hung up. (I made sure he knew how SOFT it is, and that it would make a great... PILLOWCASE). And it's in a box ready to go back tomorrow. *sigh*


ren said...

oh, sad. that is pretty! why can't they ever make mistakes in real sizes! but you are a good an honest person. not that they don't already have like a 200% mark up on that stuff.

Bill Paley said...

You couldn't use it as some kind of sex toy, could you?

Smasty said...

Way to go Brenda. Good choice.