Monday, January 30, 2006

More Technology That Blows Me Away

I was going to get back to work and stop posting today, but I saw something in the fridge that I had to put out into the world first.

Remember when big milk-carton-like boxes of wine with spigots on them came out in the 70's or early 80's? White wine on tap in the fridge was a great thing but not very sophisticated, and it went away. Then came plastic corks. They feel really cool and do not flake off into your wine when your server in the restaurant feebes out while opening the bottle. Then came screw tops on "good" wines (can you say Conundrum?).

But all of these pale in comparison to a gift we got a week ago: Champagne (well, actually sparkling wine as it is from California) in a can with a little straw attached just like they put on juice boxes! It's from the Coppola vineyard and the back label reads: "California carbonated white wine, store and drink chilled, vinted and canned by Francis Coppola Presents, Lawrenceburg, Indiana..."

The can has faint words printed on it: "Reactionary", "Revolutionary", "Effervescent", "Fragrant" and "Petulant". That's what I want, a petulant wine! No thank you. The whole mother-of-a-four-year-old thing excludes me from an attraction to petulance. Come to think of it, is anyone attracted to petulance? Is this really a desirable marketing term or was a non-English speaker in charge of label design and just went for most compatible sounding words?

They come is a very cute little four-pack box and I understand they are all the rage in L.A. Ah those wacky Californians. Maybe we'll get to visit the winery (factory?) when we are out in California in a few weeks...oh wait, Lawrenceburg Indiana. Rats. Much easier to carry cans in a suitcase than bottles.

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Bill Paley said...

I think the Coppola winery is in Napa, north of San Francisco...

Oh, and I haven't seen them, but I'm not exactly involved in raging in LA...