Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blogging is Addictive

If one has an addictive obsessive personality--and I do--blogging is just another drug. I started "Glass Incarnate" as a professional blog to chronicle my adventures as a professional glass artisan writing a book. But there is so much more to say. Things which are inappropriate there clamor to Come Out.

So what else am I? Well, I am Stranded in the South, first in Texas (ok, Austin. It's not in Texas, it's surrounded by Texas, but it's still too damn close to the Bushes and the DeLays for comfort) now in Georgia. It could be worse. It could be Mississippi or Alabama or Florida. When did I become a geographist? I am still not racist or sexist or speciesist or queerist (coined by a good friend with an "alternative lifestyle") in spite of the numerous proximate opportunities, but I am not liking the South.

But the people are so nice! Everyone is so polite and friendly and courteous! So why isn't that what I take away at the end of the day? The individuals I know are truly wonderful, but I am worn down by my interactions with everyone I do not know who is rude, a bad driver, lazy, arrogant, entitled, and ignorant to boot! I want to be Elsewhere.

So this blog is about my unfortunate state of mind. Notice I do not say Unfortunate Circumstance because I think I am going to find after a bit of blogging exploration that the problem is with me--not the south. And I need to evolve. Let's face it, one's 40's are all about evolution--evolve or die, my new motto. And I am not going to be restricted to the once a day posting I allow myself on Glass Incarnate. Nope. Whenever the hell I want to get something off my uncensored chest it is going to come spewing out. Be forewarned. And nervous.

In Montana Men are Men
Women are Scarce,
and Sheep are Nervous.


Forestcats said...
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Jodi said...

I have felt your pain before having lived in Virginia, Texas, and Florida. My parents have also lived in Alabama and are now in Florida again.