Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Back...

Yo. I'm still here. Been hard to get to the computer even though the female human gave up Mafia Wars. What can I say? I sleep a lot. I have firmly staked out the couch as my own, and anyone wanting to share it has to bring me tribute. Life is good--though it did get annoying for a bit over Christmas when the little girl's grandfather came to visit and brought his obnoxious dog.

The grandmother brought her bird too--but they were smart and kept it upstairs in a cage. Too bad, it looked a tasty morsel. The one day the grandmother brought the cage downstairs and had it on the table I hopped up and peered in at the bird. It said "Hey bird!" to me. Stupid bird. Or maybe it was just hoping I was come to play a game with it. Yeah, I have a good game. "Here little birdie, let's play hide and seek. you hide, and I'll seek you... with my teeth!"

The grandfather's dog was a German shepherd basset hound mix (picture a shepherd on really stubby legs) and it's favorite game was to charge me as I lay on the couch and jam it's nose into my face. I thwacked it a few times with my paw (claws extended, of course) but it wasn't too bright and didn't get the hint. Dogs. Who needs 'em? The deerhound wasn't too fond of him either. She bared her teeth, growled and snapped at him when he got too close to her. Guess he wasn't too stupid 'cause he stayed out of reach. Man, she's got some serious teeth!

Now he's gone home and the I get to sleep uninterrupted again. It looked for awhile like I might actually finally move to the studio, but the male human deemed it too cold there for me yet so I still have the couch. The female human is preparing for my move by getting a studio cam (so you can all watch me sleep on-line) and a comfy bed for me. The male human apparently won't let her move the couch. *sigh*

Life is good here in Atlanta. I haven't had a chance to eat either the little girl's hamster or her bunny, but there's still time. They look tasty, and I can move fast when I want to. Just ask the female human when she tries to block the door and keep me in at night. I am a stealth cat then, and fast like the wind.

The deerhound was sick over Christmas--looks like cancer in her nostrils, poor thing. But she is cheerful and perky still--and best of all, when she gets her pills in raw hamburger, the Spaniel and I get balls of raw hamburger treat too. Sweet.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I got chicken leather dog treats from the new family, and it was good. Wish Dee would visit again soon--she brings the best tribute.

Keep those notes and letters coming, I'll get the little girl to read them to me while I lay on her legs.


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Bill said...

Poor deerhound.

Nice of a cat to notice, though. Usually, they are so self-absorbed that they'd hardly be aware of anything that wasn't directly related to themselves.