Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuffy Love

Got the permanent cage for Jasmine Bunny yesterday, and picked up a little play yard for her while I was at it. Jessie thought Tuffy Hamster would also enjoy playing with Jasmine in the play yard so she brought him out too. I was afraid he would be slipping through the bars and scampering off into the long weeds every other second (to Mexico and freedom!), but my fears were unfounded. Tuffy fell passionately, madly, instantly in love with Jasmine and did not want to leave her side. Jasmine's reaction was a decided "Meh", but she tolerated his small crush. Between the Flip video camera and the iMac, it was easy to whip out a video of their tryst. According to our friends Keith and Mike whom I subjected to the video last night, maybe a little too easy (oh my, look at the time! Got to run!).

After Note: Moved the video to YouTube as they have better quality than MobileMe and don't require downloading anything to watch the video (Becky got prompted to download some Mac something or other yesterday from MobileMe and so missed seeing Tuffy's antics).


Bill said...

Really? Where?

ren said...

is that a giant hamster or a tiny bunny? and why does he keep gnawing at her EYE???? oh god, it's freaking me out!

(p.s. i heart donny osmond. as proven by all the headshots i have of him with "donny's #1 fan" scrawled over the backs of them in childish writing.)

Brenda Griffith said...

The hamster isn't a giant hamster (I don't think), the bunny is just very young/little. And he was licking her eye--not eating it!! Must be some hamster grooming thing. Notice how he went wild over the ears? More to groom than he's ever seen in his life!

Jodi said...

How cute!!! Hamsters and bunnies...who knew? I've never let any of my rodents go outside, which I suppose is kind of cruel. I'm just to paranoid with the dogs having "used" the grass and such. It certainly would improve lighting conditions for photos and video! ; )