Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day! Happy Day After Wedding!

The title and the post have nothing in common. One is happy and full of good wishes, the other is grim and bleak, driven by the fact that we sit in the airport in Austin with a five year-old who is completely exhausted by three long days and late nights of wedding festivities. Additionally we wait to board a flight which was delayed by an hour and a half and which looks to be now full due to the cancellation of another flight. Oh joy. We have the aisle and window on one side and the two seats on the other. Now it looks like there is a good chance the middle seat will be taken. Oh joy.

Jessie was extraordinary for the wedding. And looking at the few pictures I took, it's impossible to remain grumpy about the travel. Yes, she's exhausted beyond her capacity to be reasonable (as am I), but we had a simply lovely time. We stayed at the House on the Hill from Thursday till today and it was also the site of the wedding. Dave was the Best Man and J was the Flower Girl. Vanessa was an exquisitely lovely bride and Bryon beamed with happiness throughout the weekend.

And now we actually get to board so I am going to end with some photos of Bryon, Dave, Jessie and Vanessa. The story of how Dave and I were moving around the equipment of the Midgetmen buck-naked... really... at 5:30 am outdoors in the midst of a hellacious thunderstorm will have to wait for another post... along with the rest of the cruise pics. (photo key: Bryon left, Dave right; Bryon; Jessie; Vanessa and her Dad (Anthony))

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Bill Paley said...

Oh, don't tease us with any discussion about the cruise.