Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tooth Model Books

What a week! I am finally catching up. Deep breath. The photographer from my publisher arrived Tuesday afternoon to begin three full, grueling days of shooting all the how-to and materials/tools photography for the book, which will be chronicled in Glass Incarnate tomorrow. Friday morning at 9:30 I got a call from Jessie's school. She was fine, but there had been a little accident...

It seems that the four and five year-olds had decided to mosh in their class. Jessie was on the top of the pile and when the boy on the bottom heaved up she flew out and right into a wooden chair... mouth first. The good news is that she didn't cut her lip. The bad news is that the force of the hit knocked her front tooth out. It snapped clean off. Her teeth were not even slightly loose so this isn't just a little early or right on time, it was a bloody, gory break.

I flew out of the house leaving the photographer, his assistant and my assistant with promises of "I'll be right back". Well I was, but then I had to leave again to take her to the dentist to make sure there wasn't any damage to the surrounding teeth that needed to be fixed immediately. And I didn't call her dentist--who is a very nice man but whose receptionist is a real bi... meanie. I called my dentist. The receptionist put me through to my dentist's partner (I figured my dentist was in the middle of a crown or something) and he said to come right in and he would look at it. Turns out the office was closed. The receptionist was there with her maltese puppy wearing her jeans and doing a little paperwork. The dentist was in a polo shirt and casual pants, just in to grab a few things before heading out of town. He told Jessie to call him Dr. Jay, and he charmed her into the chair. He looked over the carnage and declared her fine, but recommended an X-ray from her dentist this week. Then he found her a little envelope to put her tooth in and ushered us to the door after refusing any payment. The receptionist let Jessie pet the puppy.

We arrived home to find the photography team struggling manfully on without me, and I settled J down to watch a movie while we worked. Dave came home in the afternoon and took over the J, who napped for two hours and awoke refreshed for Fun Friday at the Y. Dave and I took our shattered selves to the Istanbul Cafe for Turkish food and belly dancing.

We got through Saturday in an exhausted daze. J had her interview with Atlanta's Young Faces Modeling Agency at 1:00 and I think it went well in spite of the missing tooth. They probably won't be able to use her for print modeling, but she's not really interested in that anyway. She wants to be an actress, and this agency represents a lot of the child "talent" booked for roles in the movies filmed in Atlanta. For the commercial division (the film side of the house) they care more about character than looks, and a missing tooth is not a liability (which it is on the "pretty" side of the house). This philosophy fits in with our household ethos better than the Jon Benet alternative so we are both a bit relieved.

Now there's today. We thought we might have a calm day to relax but at midnight J came down with a screaming ear infection and she was the one screaming. We all slept in short stretches the rest of the night between bouts of Tylenol-laced crying pain. Today, with a fever of 100.8, J reposes on the couch sleeping and watching movies (Chicken Run right now). Dave and I fill the new bookcases from the stacks of books lying all over the house. Delicious Library is turning out to be a disappointment for books (It was great for the dvd's and really good for the cd's too). But we will get everything sorted by category, shelved, and alphabetized today, and eventually we will have an on-line database.

And that is our weekend. Weight Watchers goes on throughout, and we prepare for the arrival of Dave's parents on Thursday for next weekend.


Bill Paley said...

Poor wee lass.

I hope she feels better soon.

Jodi said...

I'm just catching up here...I will feel the need for a vacation from this "vacation" that is quickly coming to an end and has been fun, yet exhausting!

I got really nervous when I saw "accident" on the other blog and flipped back and forth in a daze until I spotted the link. I'm glad J. will be okay and I hope she feels better soon!

(WW has kind of flown out the window for me the past couple of weeks, but I will have to weigh in on Monday and that will kick my butt back into gear, I'm sure!)