Thursday, January 25, 2007


A couple of weeks ago Jessie had another outbreak of "bugs" in her class at school. I reacted by immediately braiding her hair tightly in a cornet and not taking it down for five days. I took it down long enough to wash it, and promptly put it back up again for another five days--while it was still wet. I was in denial.

Tonight while I was bathing J and washing her hair I happened up on... something. I cleaned a bunch of hair out of the comb I used to comb the conditioner through, and there was something... small and black. I had Jessie get out of the bath (I was in it too) and get my reading glasses. I looked closer. It looked like a mature louse--don't ask how I know. J looked at it. She saw an antenna. Dave came in the bathroom and joined in the examination. He was of the minority opinion that it was a bit of schmutz. I wanted him to go to Publix for one of the little metal combs and a nasty chemical shampoo for the J. We were at an impasse. Then Dave reminded me of why I married him.

He took the object in question downstairs and examined it under the USB microscope I got him and the J for Christmas. Happily, he was right (shown at 60 X actual size). Science. It works. And he didn't have to shave his head.


Bill Paley said...

My goodness! He used SCIENCE! How unfair! He should have used ignorance and assumptions. Naughty boy.

The Mad Doctor said...

OMG. USB microscope.

:: envy ::

Glad it wasn't a critter.
(btw I surfed over via SnarkyDork)