Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Joys of Technology!

I come back to Stranded in the South, and not to rant! I meant to write a lot more about the social ills which plague me, but evidently I purged the plague with Caitlyn and have no more bile right now for The Compact. Instead, today I celebrate!

First news, there is a new iMac in our house. Dave found the Delicious Library last week and that was the straw that tipped over the camel. He took the bluetooth scanner to work today to scan in all of his computer books. When we have the book, cd and dvd collections all scanned, we can sync them to our iPods and never leave home without a complete list of everything we have (no more standing in Best Buy going "Do we have this on dvd?"). More importantly, if we ever need the list for insurance purposes it will be up to date. And it has a built-in lending function!

The iMac makes me feel like I've hopped into the century of the fruitbat in a big way. The first clue that Kansas had gone bye-bye was at the Apple store when the salesman said "Here is the 17" and here is the 20"." And when I said "Nice monitors, where are the computers?", he replied, "These *are* the computers" and proceeded to show me the USB and firewire ports on the back and the cd/dvd drives in the sides of the sleek, flat monitors. Everything came in one little box.

Other tech which makes the headlines this morning is our friend Jonathan's Guitar Hero for the PS2. The pics are of Jessie learning to play, but we all took turns at it and I can see where it would become addictive. On the way home Dave told me about a similar game called Dance, Dance Revolution (I know, where have I been?) and it may be the ultimate answer to the, hrm, weight issue... We'll see.

Tomorrow's news: Baxter!


Bill Paley said...

DDR and GH are both very popular. We watched a DDR conflagration at a convention we went to in March...

Brenda Griffith said...

We ended up purchasing both GH and DDR the other night. Dave loves DDR, me, I am a serious GHeroine.