Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lessons Learned From the Night

What I learned (was forcefully reminded of) last night:

Cats are nocturnal.

Ernie is amazingly playful for a 20+ lb teenage cat.

Ernie is *very* talkative when he's awake. And when you are the only audience in the house (all other humans and animals are presently elsewhere), he has A LOT to tell you--especially if you forgot to give him fresh water and stir his food around before bed.

Mojitos, while full of minty vitamin C goodness, do not actually contribute to restful sleep.

It's much lighter at 5:44 am in Boston than it is here in Atlanta, (as evidenced by what was on the HenCam at that time--and what does it say about me that I was looking at someone's live webcam feed of their chicken/bunny play yard at 5:44 am?!? Even the animals have the sense not to be up yet!)

Now I'm going back bed to try for a little more sleep (and leaving Ernie safely DOWNSTAIRS).


Bill said...

I'm confused. Why is Ernie traveling with you?

Brenda Griffith said...

Ernie ended up NOT going to Montana as a friend demanded that he stay with her. He missed Jessie and the dogs, and as they will all be in Montana till mid-August, I was taking him to join them.

Bill said...

Poor Ernie. Much safer for the wildlife, though, I'm sure.

Von said...

An Von makes 12!!! At last a likeminded cat person! Bliss!

Deniz said...
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atma said...

I obviously found your blog too late, but just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed hearing you tell us about your life. You have a good sense of what's actually funny, interesting or important, your voice stands out of the web page and talks to us and your daughter is adorable!