Tuesday, November 11, 2008

262 Days... And Counting

Got the invitation for my 30th year high school reunion this morning, RSVP'd, and am heading for the treadmill. Guess there's no longer any doubt that I am an average American woman over the age of 40.


Bill said...

You don't look a day over twenty-seven.

ren said...

heh. i hear my 20somethingth is the night before thanksgiving (i think they forgot to do a real 20th, so now it's like 21st? 22nd? i'm old and can't remember).

i won't be attending.

20 years is not long enough to miss high school. is 30?

Bill said...

Miss high school? I never miss high school. The only reason I went to my twentieth reunion was for my wife to see the menagerie.

In the end, though, it was a good experience. It told me that the jerks I'd known really were jerks, and the good people had simply gotten better over the years.