Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Love

It is getting harder and harder to pretend that these movies have anything to do with Glass Incarnate so I'm going to start posting them here. And next week--when we are actually staying in the cabin at the lake and not staying at my parents' house (who have DSL)--I won't be able to post at all (much less post movies).

So today was another perfect day in paradise (well, except for all the six year-old and 80 year-old whining). It was quite windy both at my parents' and at the lake, and J got cold so we came home at 5:00 instead of 7:00 (the sun goes down about 10:00 here in the summer).

Thank you again to George Winston--whose music has always inspired me and made me think of Montana--for the soundtrack song, "Cradle" from Forest.


Bill said...

Poor, put upon dog.

Dee said...

ahem, it's now 9 pm sat night and no tale of the now infamous 80th party of the family patriarch? :) i'm dissapointe - i've been looking forward to that since i started catching up on your posts ;)

Dee said...

amazing how 80 yr olds can whine like 6 yr olds isn't it?