Monday, May 19, 2008

I Want Another Child

Me: I want to get a two-year old.
Dave: You can rent one.
Me: No, I want my own.
Dave: They smell and they yell. The whole newly unfolding consciousness thing... I'm all about sense of wonder, but they smell and they yell... a lot.
Me: I have to go post now.


Anonymous said...

OK so here is the trick, exactly how do you want me to respond///

Sure I could push you towards the edge, I'm all about investing in trouble.


I could pull you back into the light and remind you how much another college education will run...

Give me a clue and I'll work either angle.

Bill said...

Wouldn't you really prefer a ten-year-old? That's generally agreed to be the best time for children...

Brenda Griffith said...

Bridget, I think you need to dissuade on this one. Bill, you can't get them at 10 because then they are immediately teenagers. 7-10 are the prime years, methinks--and J is advanced for her age (she might as well be 7).

Anonymous said...

Hey you can have Lucy for a bit:-)