Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Snow!...

...And, hey, it's staying around this time! It snowed again yesterday and this time it was a snowfall worthy of the first fat flakes of the year up north. There was enough of it, and it stayed around long enough for hordes of people to stream out of their houses to fight or construct with it. Snowmen and snowballs abounded. Jessie went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and we arrived to find everyone on the front lawn of the party house (and strewn across the two adjacent lawns) either engaged in smashing each other (adults and children alike) with gobs of melty cold smushy stuff, or rolling a big wheel like a huge cheese across the yard. It was glorious.

I came as "Montana" in my cosy sweater over a t-shirt, jeans and crocs with no socks. "Cold? Snow? This is NOTHING! Why, back in Montana where I'm from...". You get the picture. The truth is I didn't have time to change as we were late getting out the door and habit drove my dress. But I, and my cold wet toes, survived.

For my last pedicure (a New Year's treat with Jessie during the winter break) I had them done frosty cobalt blue. I figured it was winter and no one would see them but me. Hah. when we went inside at the party after the snow play I took off my shoes and there they were in all their corpse-like, goth glory. (There is just something wrong about blue on toes--it's a beautiful color, but it makes me think of dead people--though that could be because I just finished reading "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" by Max Brooks.) My toes were note-worthy enough that I became the last destination of the scavenger hunt at the party: "Find the person with the blue socks" became "Find the person with the blue toenails". And I handed out candy. And it was good.

Today it started out at 17 degrees with the eventual goal of 38 degrees. As it's 11:30 am and still only 20 degrees, I don't know if we're going to make it. Looks like a few more days of snow on the ground in our future. Huzzah!

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Bill said...

Ask me sometime about the lady with the blue arm.