Monday, August 25, 2008

The Bunny Gets It

Though not exactly an important moment in our lives, the filming of The Great Bunny Caper was entertaining... and it shows off Dave's new Do quite nicely!

First Day of School

I've been slow on posting words, pics and vid of the important events happening in our lives right now. So before any more time passes, I am going to get the First Day of School up. Surprisingly, I did not cry during the Rose ceremony--as I did last year even though I didn't have a child participating in it. I guess I was too busy passing the tissue box and taking pictures. For the friends and family who weren't able to be there for the assembly, here was the beginning of J's first day of first grade.

Monday, August 18, 2008

It Was a Weekend!

Change just keeps on rolling through the Griffith household. On Saturday we traded in the Seebring convertible for a Mini Cooper convertible. Mini Coopers are astonishingly popular right now because of gas prices. The saleswoman at the dealership was very apologetic that they didn't have any available and because of the year end, we would have to wait until December to even order one. I had looked at their inventory online before we went there and asked her what about the used black one. It was so new that she didn't know about it and it hadn't even been detailed yet. We put dibs on it right quick--and it was a good thing as someone else tried to buy it while we were filling out the paperwork.

It is a wonderful little car--peppy, responsive, and surprisingly roomy inside. It is a perfect tooling around town car for Dave (who put a total of 20,000 miles on the Seebring in the five and a half years since we moved here). J isn't wild about it--which is too bad as we have already told her that it'll probably be her first car. But since her problems have to do with how much (little) she can see from the backseat and the diminished leg room, I think she'll be just fine with driving it. (Not that I'm looking that far ahead or anything).

Heck, I'm tempted to drive to the train station and swap the Honda for it so I can drive it to ikebana and the Container Store today. The only thing stopping me is that the shelf I have to return to the Container Store won't fit in it! Of course Dave may have been having so much fun with it that he drove to work instead of taking the train today...

Sunday was another milestone day as we put together the shelving from Ikea and the closet and art desk from the Container Store in the former studio. Today the loom, the hope chest full of yarn and the armoire full of yarn will get moved down--as will the treadmill. Dan and Dick will get the doors back on the closets and all the doorknobs on, and Dick will tile the floor of the little landing at the bottom of the stairs.

Now over to Glass Incarnate to begin on the week!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Is It Jeff Bridges? John Malkovich? Ben Kingsley?

No! It's Dave Griffith!

I just shaved my spouse's head. Jeff Bridges in Iron Man has got nothing on Dave. Of course I videoed the whole thing. Hope I can find time to edit and post it tomorrow.

Note: Dave has not had his hair even *cut* since before we met (over 13 years ago). A trim every few years, sure--but no length off.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Lucky Necklace

For the past eight years I have worn a silver yucca blossom pendant that Dave bought for me at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin. Besides my wedding ring, it's the only piece of jewelry I consistently wear, and I have become superstitious about it (if I don't wear it something bad will happen). A week and half ago on Saturday, Jessie was twisting the chain and it broke. I didn't have a replacement chain so I stopped wearing the pendant...

On Monday, I overdrew the checking account.

On Tuesday the cat died. Tuesday night lightning struck the studio and took out the new fax/copier/scanner, and the alarm panel.

Wednesday I discovered the fried alarm panel was blocking the phone lines and I had to spend over two solid hours on the phone with the alarm company and ended up manually rewiring the entire panel for our house AND recabling the DSL connections after that.

Thursday Dave called to tell me the dryer was broken (not heating). I was in Philly.

Friday I overdrew the checking account AGAIN (this time--like last month--by depositing a check from a business account book that I had canceled after the burglary. Where do these books keep coming from?!?).

Saturday Jessie took a really bad fall on her scooter and wouldn't let Dave touch it to clean it. She called me and asked me to drive home *right now* to be with her. I had to explain that I flew to Philly and wouldn't be able to be home till Tuesday. Three days to a six year-old might as well be eternity. Then she asked if I would get her some small crutches. It was an ugly couple of days.

Sunday I figured out what was going on and started wearing a red enamel-coated steel peace sign pendant made by Jeff Manpearl of Ferroglyphs as a stand-in for the lucky necklace until I can get a new chain. Things have held steady since.

The moral of the story? Don't ignore your inner superstitious peasant.