Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Howling... Squared

As I was catching up on the happenings in my world this morning, emergency vehicles went by on the busy street around the corner from our house. Emergency vehicles screaming by, sirens blaring, is not an uncommon happening at our house. Neither is the response of the dogs. Sadly, I was only able to catch Seraph on film this morning during the second round of sirens--Baxter was very vocal for the first round, but he sat out on the second. There is a reason deerhounds are classifieds in same family as blood hounds and other hunting hounds...

As is the case with most if not all video filmed, editing was needed. As I sat editing, Seraph decided to accompany. Notice in the last couple notes of accompaniment how much she resembles Chewbacca in sound and face. Think George Lucas had a deerhound?